The Clean Conference 28-31 Jan 2021 wants you!


The Let’s Do It World (LDIW) Conference 2021 will take place at Munich (Germany) and be the meeting point for the LDIW global network. We get together to share, learn, grow and celebrate the success of World Cleanup Day 2020.


More information coming soon. If you want to know more now, please write us: 

What do you do as a Session Moderator? 
As Session Moderator you create and lead a (Zoom) session. You decide on the subject within the pre-given headlines and you decide on the content and how to present it.

What do you do as a Session Support?
As Session Support your main job is to document the session during the conference in January. This means: You write the protocol – summing up the session’s outcome. The protocol will be shared with all Let’s Do It World leaders.

How do you become a Session Moderator or Session Support?
To play an active role yourself, please fill out the empty boxes until latest: 20th of December – earlier is highly-appreciated. We will collect your information and contact you.


What are the headlines* and subcategories that can inspire you? Use the subcategories as Inspiration.

Thursday 28th January 2021

  • LDIG “How to collaborate with the network / other countries?”
    • How can global collaboration between countries be set up / improved? (Moderator: ?)
    • Why is international collaboration important? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are examples of collaboration with other countries? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are the benefits of collaboration with other countries? (Moderator: ?)
    • Example partnership Indonesia – Germany. (moderator: INDONESIA?)
  • LDIW: “Essential base of the community” – ground for potentially policy changes for the future?
    • What is/should be the target of WCD? (Moderator: ?)
    • How to “Keep It Clean”? Best practices examples to work on. (Moderator: ?)(Composting, sorting, zero waste, circular economy, KICP strategy for LDI national level, sustainable development goals)
    • Focus Theme: Cigarette butts (Moderator: ?)
      – the problem of cigarette butts
      – recycling possibilities to butts, inspirational
      – keynotes and case studies.
      – digital cleanups and the connection with the environment.
    • Change wording from “Waste/Trash” to “Raw Valuable Material”? (Moderator: ?)
    • How should an international, standardized “waste report sheet” look like? (Moderator: ?)
    • How to strengthen your team by learning special tools/knowledge? (Moderator: ?)
    • How to find strong experts/competencies to the national core teams? (Moderator: ?)

Friday 29th January 2021

  • LDIG “How to encourage 5% of the total population?” (Introducer: ?)
    • How to include new members into national teams? (Moderator: ?)
    • How do you start a successful social movement? (Moderator: ?)
    • Which media platforms are suitable for reaching people? (Moderator: ?)
    • What do social movements accomplish? (Moderator: ?)
    • How did FFF (Fridays for Future) start / achieve worldwide attention? (Moderator: ?)
    • Digital alternatives for the WCD in case of COVID-19 curfews (lockdown): (Moderator: ?)
      -What can people do outdoors on an individual level?
      -How to avoid household waste?
      -How to recycle right?
      -How to reduce/avoid plastic?
  • LDIG “How to achieve media attention?” (Introducer: ?)
    • What is media attention? (Moderator: ?)
    • How to start a successful campaign attracting broad media attention? (Moderator: ?)
    • How do I ask for media coverage? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are best practices of extremely successful media campaigns worldwide (Greenpeace, FFFs, Amnesty International, WWF etc.) (Moderator: ?)
    • Storytelling to attract media attention? (Moderator: ?)

Saturday 30th January 2021

  • LDIG “How does a successful cooperation/partnership look like?” (Introducer: ?)
    • What kind of partners do need in order to work for our strategy? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are criteria for an eligible partner? (Moderator: ?)
    • How do you build a successful partnership in your country? (Moderator: ?)
    • What should be included in a partnership agreement? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of partnerships? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are criteria for appropriate cooperation partners? (Moderator: ?)
    • How do you build an ethically correct cooperation? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are the main principles of effective cooperation? (Moderator: ?)
    • What should be included in a cooperation agreement? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are good examples of cooperation? (Moderator: ?)
    • How to implement a cooperation without the danger of green-washing? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are the different sectors to work with (universities, schools…) (ESTONIA)
  • LDIG “How to get funded by business?” (Introducer: ?)
    • What are the main principles when it comes to financial support through businesses? (Moderator: ?)
    • From whom and how much funding is appropriate? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are successful examples of financial support through businesses? (Moderator: ?)
    • What are alternative funding sources? (Moderator: ?)

If you have any further questions on becoming a moderator, please contact